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Our mission

At INVOGA EVENTOS we are customer focused, providing unique and unforgettable experiences through a personalized, warm and diverse service, adapting to your needs. We work with commitment, empathy and professionalism to achieve our goals.

Our vision

To be a leading company in corporate events in the next three years, through a proactive approach to sustainability, both in the execution of events and in our internal practices.

We are
committed to our young people
by helping them on their first job

Invoga has prioritized the creation of first jobs, contributing to the growth of the local economy, as well as giving young people the opportunity to gain invaluable experience. With a clear focus, Invoga becomes a fundamental pillar for the strengthening of the community and the empowerment of new jobs.


Invoga is looking for ways to minimize environmental impact. Where events focus on eco-friendly practices, from choosing sustainable locations to responsible waste management and the use of renewable energy.

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