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What is Stand Design?

These stands become a company's or organization's calling card at such events, playing a crucial role in capturing the attention of visitors, potential customers and the media.

Booth design is a creative and strategic discipline that focuses on the conceptualization, planning and creation of attractive and functional exhibition spaces at events, trade shows and exhibitions.

Why is

Booth design plays a vital role in the success of companies at events and trade shows:

Visual impact

A well-designed booth attracts the attention of attendees, communicates brand identity and leaves a lasting impression.

Lead generation

An effective booth attracts interested visitors, generating concrete business opportunities and contributing to the expansion of the customer base.


In a competitive environment, having a unique and creative booth is critical to stand out from the crowd and compete effectively.

Brand reflection

The booth design must be in tune with the brand identity, transmitting the company's values and personality in a coherent manner.

Why Invoga Events
it is the best alternative
for Stand

At Invoga Eventos, we specialize in the creation of impressive and functional stands. Here are some reasons to choose us as your partner in the design and assembly of Stands:

Proven experience

We have conceptualized and built booths in a diversity of events and trade shows, providing successful solutions to clients from different sectors.

Personalized approach

We work closely with each client to understand their specific objectives and needs, allowing us to create booths that reflect their brand and achieve their go

Creativity and quality

Our team of designers and builders fuse creativity with technical precision to ensure that each booth is attractive and functional.

Comprehensive management

We manage the entire process, from conceptual design to booth construction and dismantling, giving our clients the opportunity to focus on their participation in the event.

Measurable results

We measure the impact of our booths through feedback from our clients, which enables us to adjust and improve our designs and obtain optimal results.

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